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Signature on Industry 4.0 Project between Kaizhong and Bosch

2017.09.15 管理员

Signature on Industry 4.0 Project between Kaizhong and Bosch

On Sep.14th, 2017, Kaizhong Precision Technology Co.,Ltd. signed the Industry 4.0 project with Bosch(China)Investment Co.,Ltd. in Shenzhen of which the cooperative content includes: intelligent manufacturing automation and workshop management system of Bosch(Bosch MES).

We will use the expertise, solutions and successful experience from Bosch in the Industry 4.0 field as well as a series of the feasibility assessment on the technical solutions for completely enhancing the automation and achieve the continuous flow production, the automatic transmission among the processes and the intelligent logistics for the finished goods and raw materials and so forth.


Dr. Yudong Chen, CEO of Bosch China and Haoyu Zhang, President of Kaizhong attended this signing ceremony.

With the background of “Made in China 2025” and ”Internet +”, Kaizhong combines the development trend of the domestic and overseas intelligent production, its production characteristics as well as the need to reach a higher level of the business development and decides to carry out the Industry 4.0 project with Bosch. Prior to this Industry 4.0 project, Kaizhong has carried out a series of the lean projects together with Bosch, and has a deep understanding of it and a good implementation basis.

Bosch is one of the initiators and advocates for Germany Industry 4.0.

It is the dual strategy for Bosch’s global Industry 4.0 strategic orientation: On one hand as a prominent supplier, consolidate the internal sensor, hardware equipments, software innovation and even the consulting and integrated services to provide the external customers with one-stop Industry 4.0 solutions; On the other hand as the leading practitioner, Bosch also carries out the pilot projects for Industry 4.0 at over 270 internal facilities all over the world. Currently over 150 pilot projects have been in progress.

Dr. Yudong Cheng, CEO of Bosch China addressed in his speech that “The implementation of Industry 4.0 is accomplished not by leaps but by steps. We can not blind pursue the unmanned and intelligent manufacturing for the domestic transformation and upgrading which should depend on the current situation of the company and should conduct the Industry 4.0 top-level design and consulting prior to its implementation. The lean production is the basis of the Industry 4.0 implementation, however, most of the domestic companies do not yet have the solid foundation. It is necessary to bring up again the lean production, and focus on the participation of middle and small-sized enterprises in the Industry 4.0 upgrading.”

Mr. Haoyu Zhang, President of Kaizhong stressed in his speech that “Kaizhong will cherish this cooperative opportunity to increase the investment in the intelligentization and informatization, accelerate and propel Kaizhong’s Industry 4.0 progress and upgrade the company’s competitiveness and also provide the customers with better  service”.

We believe that this Industry 4.0 Project can be optimized in two directions of the intelligent manufacturing automation and MES between both parties starting from the pilot projects and extends to the ecological system of the interconnection industry gradually from the point to line and from line to surface.